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6 jul 2020 om 9:07 the ribs were not really good quality, they normally send good quality food to me but this time was completely different sadly. Also the delivery was quite late even though I placed the order very early on.
5 jul 2020 om 16:27 Broodje onder de hamburger nat, en de hamburger zelf rauw van binnen, en lauw. Hoe krijg je het voor elkaar? Frieten wel weg goed en heet, daarom nog 2 sterren.
2 jul 2020 om 20:16 Ik miste een gerecht
1 jul 2020 om 17:09 The full monty is genuinely the best burger I've ever had, you'll have to basically unhinge your jaws to eat it but it's well worth the effort. My compliments to the chef, damn good food!
28 jun 2020 om 10:52 The food is always very nice. However, I would appreciate a bit of consistency because I feel that they change the recipes every time I order. The fries are excellent.
20 jun 2020 om 12:59 Spareribs echt de beste van amsterdam. Subliem. Bezorging razend snel. Zelfs de frieten niet slap. Echt perfect.
13 jun 2020 om 21:56 Alles prima patat prefect
13 jun 2020 om 19:52 Wonderful, although leaving the ribs on the grill a little longer would be appreciated. Would keep them warmer, longer!
13 jun 2020 om 10:36 On time, tasty. As they promised.
7 jun 2020 om 20:20 Heerlijk maar niet erg warm. Bezorging beetje vroeg.
4 jun 2020 om 22:16 The burger and fries were very tasty, unfortunately once I got to the middle of it, the burger was completely raw, uncooked.
31 mei 2020 om 15:52 Top!